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The 5 Best Places to Walk Your Dog in Norfolk!

Present by Norfolk Paws, the best choice for expert dog walking in Norwich and Norfolk.

Exploring the enchanting countryside of Norfolk alongside your beloved canine companion is a joy known to many. Our county's diverse terrains, from idyllic woodlands to serene beaches, provide the perfect canvas for memorable dog walks. You're in for a treat if you're a Norfolk resident or a visitor searching for the most picturesque dog walking routes. In this guide, we'll unveil the five best places to walk your dog in Norfolk, highlighting these natural treasures that offer exercise and the chance to forge a deeper bond with your four-legged friend.

And while you're out exploring, don't forget to consider Norfolk Paws, the unparalleled dog walking, home boarding, and doggy daycare service serving Norwich and Norfolk. With Norfolk Paws, your furry companion can enjoy Norfolk adventures to the fullest with our professional team.

Without further preamble, here are our five best places to walk your dog in Norfolk!

Blickling Estate, Aylsham, Norfolk, NR11 6NF

This is absolutely one of my favourites! There is something for everyone at Blickling, from short walks to hours of rolling fields and woodland. There are also dog friendly cafes and a dog friendly pub (dogs are not allowed in the actual hall). As a national trust location, everything is well looked after, and national trust members get free parking. The estate is made up of lakes, farmland and woodland. This makes it all-weather friendly as there is shelter from the elements and open spaces. We recommend this walk be completed keeping all dogs on a lead, as there is free roaming livestock, deer and wild birds on the lake.

Felbrigg Hall, Gardens and Estate, Norwich, Norfolk, NR11 8PP

Like Blickling Estate, this is a national trust property. It is very well looked after and free to park if you are a national trust member. There are dog-friendly cafes and shops on the grounds. This is also like Blickling as it is farmland and woodland – but on a much bigger scale! You can walk for hours here and see so much! We recommend this walk be completed keeping all dogs on a lead, as it is free-roaming livestock and deer.

Holkham Hall, Wells-next-the-Sea,Norfolk,NR23 1AB

(Postcode for Satnav NR23 1RH)

This is an outstanding place to visit. Although dogs are not allowed in the hall, there are plenty of grounds to discover. There is also a dog friendly café. This is a deer park, so walkers must keep dogs on a lead for the safety of the deer and themselves. Holkham estate comprises open grassland, woodland and a lake. Walking around the grounds will likely take an hour or two; there are many places to have a picnic and see wildlife as you walk around. Holkham Beach – Holkham Beach is dog friendly all year round. You can walk to the beach from the Hall (and there's a dog friendly pub on the way!) The beach is very big and sandy and has heathland to walk.

4. Caistor Roman Town and High Ash Farm

Caistor Roman Town, Caistor St Edmund, Norwich NR14 8QN

The Roman Town is a beautiful place to walk and see the history of Norwich. There are signs around the site explaining what used to be there and how it has changed. This is private land used for livestock, so dogs must be kept on a lead. But there is plenty of space to walk. This is open grassland with a small river running through it that is safe for dogs and their humans to swim! We recommend wearing wellies in the winter as the river quickly bursts and the grassland floods. Across the road from the Roman Town is High Ash Farm. This has limited but lovely walking paths for responsible dog owners around its grounds. There are loads of horses, rabbits and wild birds to see, as well as plenty of wildflowers.

5. The home of Norfolk Paws – Brooke! (NR15)

There are SO many public footpaths in Brooke! We have once walked around the local public footpaths for nearly 4 hours! And that wasn't even all of them! You can park in the layby on the Norwich side of the village, or by the village shops where you will find a very dog friendly café, The Rural Kitchen. There are meres in the village which home very surprisingly dog friendly ducks, and you may even see a deer or two. We are lucky to have two dog friendly pubs, The Kings Head and The White Lion. The footpaths in Brooke are on farmland but not livestock land, so most of the time, you can let well-trained dogs off the lead for a good run across the grassland and stubble.


Norfolk's captivating landscapes and rich history create a haven for dog owners seeking remarkable places to stroll with their furry friends. This guide presents five exceptional destinations, each weaving together natural beauty, cultural heritage, and dog-friendly facilities. From the sprawling grounds of Blickling Estate, complete with charming cafes and woodlands, to the expansive landscapes of Felbrigg Hall that offer hours of exploration,

Norfolk Paws' comprehensive dog walking, home boarding, and doggy daycare services bring these adventures a heightened level of convenience. As you enjoy the tranquillity of Holkham estate's grasslands and awe-inspiring lake or immerse yourself in the history of Caistor Roman Town, your canine companion's happiness is always a priority.

And in Brooke, the heart of Norfolk, Norfolk Paws proudly serves as a hub for passionate dog lovers, providing expert care and services to ensure your pet's well-being is nurtured. At the same time, you savour the beauty of these remarkable destinations. With Norfolk Paws by your side, exploring Norfolk becomes an experience shared with a furry friend, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Discover the unrivalled joy of outdoor adventures with Norfolk Paws, your trusted partner in canine companionship.

Norfolk Paws: Dedicated Dog Walking Services

As you embark on your journey to explore Norfolk's most captivating dog walking destinations, consider enlisting the services of Norfolk Paws. Our specialised dog walking services cater to the needs of both you and your furry friend, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for all.

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