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How to Have Your Dog at Your Wedding Without Chaos!

Dogs at Wedding Ceremonies UK

Over the past few years, having your VIP (Very Important Pooch) at your wedding has become more and more popular. To the point now that most wedding venues are turning dog friendly. It is always important to check that your wedding venue is dog friendly before booking if you really want your dog to be a part of your big day! In this blog, we will introduce you to what is possible regarding dogs at weddings and how to get them involved in the biggest day of your life.

Licensed Wedding Day Dog Chaperones: Norfolk Paws

Most doggies get looked after by family members when we are off away or on holiday – but what if you are all at the same event!? Wedding chaperoning for dogs can start the day before your wedding. Your Norfolk Paws dog chaperone can pick up the dog the day before, have them board for the night, and turn up to the wedding fresh and ready for the day! Dog chaperones can also board dogs the night of the wedding, so the care is carried out for the whole event! (please note not all wedding chaperones are licensed and insured for boarding services, please check before you book). Of course, Norfolk Paws are licensed and are the leading dog wedding company in East Anglia.

How Your Dog Can Get Involved in Your Big Day

Dogs can be a part of the big day in many different ways. We have the necessary experience and dog wedding expertise to ensure everything dog wedding-related runs smoothly. Below are some of the ways that you can incorporate your furry friend on your wedding day :

  • Greeting guests that arrive before the ceremony

  • Delivering the rings down the aisle

  • Walking the bride down the aisle

  • Walking the bride and groom back up the aisle

  • Photos with the wedding party/ bride and groom

  • Socialising with guests at the drinks reception

A Typical Weekend Wedding with Norfolk Paws

In this section, we want to give you an idea of what we do for your dog on the wedding weekend.

  • The dog normally gets picked up the day before the wedding.

  • We offer a night's boarding at Norfolk Paws as part of our package.

  • The dog is fed, groomed, and walked on the wedding morning.

  • Arrive at the venue 30 minutes before the dog is needed for any of the above. This gives the dog time to get used to its surroundings, have a good sniff, and calm down.

  • The dog is then used for their VIP activity on the big day!

  • The dog then comes back to Norfolk Paws for another night's boarding.

  • The dog has dropped off at the client's chosen location the day after the wedding.

Wedding Attire For Dogs

Many companies offer canine wedding attire, from leads and collars to bandanas and canine suits. Some florists also offer to make a decorative piece for the dog to wear that matches the wedding flowers and theme. Norfolk Paws has trusted partners that we can also recommend.

Norfolk Paws Recommends These Dog-friendly Wedding Venues in the East of England

  • Unique Norfolk Venues – This franchise consists of many venues over Norfolk, including Pentney Abbey

  • Oxnead Hall

  • Manor Mews

  • Dragon Hall

  • Octagon Barn

  • Bruisyard Hall

  • Titchwell Manor

There are also many more venues, and Norfolk Paws is establishing partnerships with them so that we can let you know what is available. Always check with the venue when booking that they are dog friendly!

What if my dog is nervous or reactive? And I still want them at my wedding?

Nervous dogs may only like being involved during the day or in crowded places. If this is the case, we can arrange a time and a place at the venue where the bride and groom can take some special time with your dog and get lovely photos with your most crucial furry guest.

Our skilled team of wedding dog chaperones keeps dogs under control at weddings and must be held on the lead at all times. So the risk of ruining an outfit is very low!

Choose Norfolk Paws To Look After Your Dog at Your Wedding

At Norfolk Paws, we take immense joy in making your wedding day even more special by incorporating your furry companion into the celebrations. Our well-trained dog chaperones are experts at fulfilling various heartwarming roles throughout the ceremony. We can help your dog warmly greet guests as they arrive before the ceremony, setting a delightful tone for the event. When it's time for the vows, your dog can play a central part, delivering the rings down the aisle with elegance and grace, leaving everyone in awe.

After the heartwarming exchange of vows, our furry companions can take on another charming duty by escorting the newlywed couple back up the aisle, radiating love and happiness. Capture memories to cherish forever with our dogs joining the wedding party and posing for delightful photos with the bride and groom. But that's not all; your dogs can also bring their infectious joy to the drinks reception (at specific venues), where they become the life of the party.

We strive to ensure every detail is taken care of for a typical weekend wedding with Norfolk Paws. With us, your wedding day will be filled with love, laughter, and cherished memories as you and your canine companion embark on this beautiful journey together. Trust Norfolk Paws to handle every aspect of your dog's involvement, allowing you to focus on your special day while creating unforgettable moments with your furry best friend by your side.

For more information about using Norfolk Paws as your wedding day dog chaperone, please contact us below.

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