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Cat Sitting Service in Norfolk

Your Trusted Cat Sitting Partner in Norfolk

Are you planning a trip and worried about your beloved feline friend's well-being while you're away? Look no further! Norfolk Paws is here to provide professional and compassionate cat-sitting services, ensuring your cat receives the care and attention it deserves in their home.

Cats at Home

Why Choose Norfolk Paws to Look After Your Cat?

At Norfolk Paws, we understand that your cat pet is not just an animal but a beloved family member. What sets us apart is that our company is led by a qualified veterinary nurse who brings expertise and a deep understanding of feline health and well-being. You can have peace of mind knowing that your cat is in the capable hands of a professional who truly cares.

Our Norfolk Cat Sitting Services

When you entrust us with the care of your cat, you're choosing a service tailored to your pet's specific needs:


One or Two Cat Sitting Visits a Day

While you're away, we offer 1 or 2 pop-in visits daily. Each 30-minute pop-in includes feeding, refreshing water, cleaning litter trays, playtime, affection, and grooming if required. We believe in maintaining your cat's routine to minimise stress.


Norfolk Cat Sitting Prices

Our pop-in service is priced at just £10 per visit. If you require more extended visits, we're happy to accommodate your needs for an additional charge. Your cat's comfort and happiness is our priority.


Convenient Location South of Norwich

We are conveniently located in Brooke, Norfolk, and offer free travel within 10 miles. For distances beyond, a nominal charge of 50p per mile will apply.

Our Commitment to You and Your Cat


Meet and Greet You and Your Cat

Before we start caring for your cat, we believe in building trust. We offer a complimentary meet-your-cat session, during which we get acquainted with your cat's routine, habits, and preferences.


Cat Medication Expertise

As a veterinary nurse-led team, we're equipped to administer any required medications to your cat. If your cat has special medical needs, rest assured they will receive the cat care they need under our supervision.


Diabetic Cat Care

For diabetic cats, our trained staff can administer injections as necessary, ensuring they receive their medication promptly and professionally.


Book Your Cat's Next Holiday with Us

Are you a loving cat parent who worries about your furry friend's well-being when you're away? Look no further than Norfolk Paws! Our cat-sitting services are tailored to meet your cat's unique needs while keeping them comfortable in their home. Our experienced cat sitters will work with you to create a personalised care plan that ensures your cat stays happy, healthy, and content. Schedule your free initial consultation today, and let us give you peace of mind knowing your cat is in good hands.


At Norfolk Paws, we don't just offer cat sitting – we offer peace of mind.

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